McFly boys Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher joined us for a lively and hilarious Twitter chat on @Tescomagazine talking about their brand new children’s book The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas!

Our chat was so popular, we managed to get the hashtag #AskMcFly trending worldwide! A huge thank you to Dougie and Tom, and to everyone that asked a question. Now read on to find out their answers…

Q: @hannahclarkeee Will you be doing any book signings for The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas?
A: Yes we are! Two next week: Waterstones in Bluewater on Thurs 1st Nov 11am and Sat 3rd Nov at WHSmith in Guildford.

Q: @McFlyersPOV Who designed the front cover?
A: A very handsome guy called Garry Parsons – he’s the illustrator of the book.

Q: @AnneMawsonX If you could be any animal what would you be?
A: Tom says he would be dinosaur, Dougie says he would be a gorilla – they’d re-enact the scene from King Kong!

Q: @poynterswaggie Why did you choose danny to be the kid’s name?
A: We’ve been asked that a lot – we don’t know any other names except Harry and Danny!

Q: @toms_chin123 Will you be reading it to your kids when you have Mcbabies?
A: Yeah, definitely, 100 per cent!!

Q: @cl4re_l0uise96 If you had a pet dinosaur what would you call it?
A: Ooo, Danny or Harry!

Q: @omgitshannnnah Will there be an audio version?
A: There’s an enhanced eBook, which we read out, available on iTunes.

Q: @HoransHugs_ If you were a dinosaur, who would you poo on first?
A: Dougie says he would poop on himself first – on his leg!

Q: @itsmebia Is the book gonna be translated to another languages 
A: Oooo, we don’t know yet but we hope so!

Q: @abbeymcfly If you could create a dinosaur what would you call it? 
A: A Christmasaurus.

Q: @ifucbabi Give one word to describe the book 
A: Poop-tastic!

Q: @lottie_abbotts4 Will there be a dinosaur that pooped Easter?
A: Maybe not Easter, but he might poop something else…… think bigger!

Q: @mcflykelsey If you had a time machine would you go back in time and visit the dinosaurs?
A: Yeah, would love to but I don’t think you should mess with time!

Q: @FeBontorim Why you’re so obsessed with poop?
A: Isn’t everyone??!!

Q: @lizziejb Is it easier writing songs than books?? 
A: Erm, writing a book is like writing lyrics, but it’s easier to write a book!

Q: @annacock If you could go to another planet, which would you choose?
A: Hmm, Uranus!

Q: @iaicara What is your favourite part of the book? 
A: The page where the dad surfs on the poop!

Q: @MissFraser01 What is the moral of the story?
A: Don’t be greedy!

Q: @AJayMarriott Where will the pooping dinosaur go on his next adventure?
A: You’ll have to wait and see…..

Q: @Chloe_McFlyy What’s your favourite thing about Christmas Dougie and Tom?
A: Christmas dinner says Tom, the general feel of Christmas says Dougie. It helps everybody get through winter!

Q: @HEELdeanna Where did the idea of The Dinosaur That Poops Christmas come from?
A: We love Christmas, we love dinosaurs and Jurassic Park – so we put the two together!

Q: @ifucbabi What was the most fun part of making a book like this?
A: The fun part is sitting around in board meetings, talking about poop!

Q: @_wonderwomanx Are we expecting a sequel? Perhaps the Dodo that vomited Easter?
A: Hopefully there will be another book – the poopquel!

Q: @sohowaboutyou If the book had a soundtrack, what song you would choose?
A: Probably the Jurassic Park soundtrack – with fart noises where the trumpets are!

Q: @KirstyWithAC What was your favourite thing about being a kid?
A: Christmas is the most fun as a kid – being able to play with toys. We can’t get away with it now!

Q: @Xx_Rosalie_xX Would you consider soft toys of the characters?
A: We’d love to do that – they could come with poop accessories!

Q: @carolaocubo What other Jurassic creatures would you like to put in a book?
A: Probably a plant – I have a plant that was around when the dinosaurs were around (Dougie).

Q: @musicismcfly Who’s your favourite children’s author?
A: Tom says Dr Zeus and JK Rowling, Dougie says K.A Applegate!

Q: @AimieMcFly What’s your best character in the book?
A: Dougie says the dinosaur, Tom says the cat!

Q: @marcellaraujoo Any chances of doing a movie about the book?
A: We’d love to do something like that! A short film like The Snowman or Wallace and Gromit!

Q: @EmilieCarter_ Favourite book you have ever read?
A: McFly’s autobiography!

Q: @Mcfly_tdhd Does Danny keep the dinosaur after the book?
A: Yes he does, they’re best friends forever now!

Q: @annacock if you could be someone else for a day, who’d you be?
A: Dougie says David Attenborough, Tom says he would be Santa!

Q: @RunTom1984 Are the characters in the book based on anyone from your life? 
A: They’re based roughly on a few people, but no one specific.

Q: @katiemcfly What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?
A: Doyouthinkhesaurus. What do you call a dog? DoyouthinkhesaurusRex

Q: @mollyy_mayo Will there be a song about dinosaurs in the future?
A: What do you think All About You is about?!!!

Q: @DougiesBitch Tom and Dougie: which is better – 1. Christmas, 2. Birthdays, 3. Easter, 4. Performing to millions of fans?
A: A tie I think – A Christmas tour!


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