His gushing wedding speech video went viral and left girls millions of girls around the globe wanting the same treatment, but Tom Fletcher’s McFly bandmates have said they won’t try to compete with the heartthrob.

In an interview with MailOnline Harry Judd spoke out about the gesture and said: ‘We are all romantics but Tom, now that he’s done the wedding speech video, and he wrote all about you for
Giovanna for Valentine’s day there is no topping that really.’

Tom, whose video from his wedding in May last year has had more than eight million views on YouTube, tried to play down his song and said: ‘I feel like it’s easier me for me to that than it was to make a speech and I sing for a living it’s kind of like if a plumber doesn’t know about making speeches and he says “oh I’m going to do some plumbing for you.” Kind of like that.

The 27-year-old musician admitted the response to the video has been overwhelming.
He said: ‘The reaction did completely take me by surprise. It was a bit mental.’
‘It’s crazy people are still talking about it.’

Speaking about how he felt at the time, Tom admitted he was fighting emotions from getting the better of him on the big day.
He said:I was so nervous I wasn’t really paying attention, I was just trying to not cry throughout it. I was trying to get through it without making a mistake’.

When asked about how he was going to maintain the romance after setting the bar so high he said: ‘I’m just going to make her watch it every Valentine’s day. “Why don’t you just watch the wedding speech” because I’m not going to be able to do anything better than that ever. I outdid myself then.’

Fletcher also spoke about how he proposed to his sweetheart, in the place they first met at the Sylvia Young Theatre school.
He explained: ‘The school was being sold and knocked down and the building was being refurbished. I had to get permission.’
Tom and Giovanna met in assembly when they were 13-years-old and the singer had the very spot polished and cleaned, with a table and chairs positioned for his proposal.

Tom isn’t the only romantic in the band, Dougie Poynter recently paid tribute to his girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones.

He explained: ‘I had my girlfriend’s initials tattooed into the the number plate of my Delorean tattoo but it’s very small. You can’t really see it at the moment because it’s a couple of days old so it’s a bit scabby.’
Harry said his most romantic gesture was proposing to his now-wife Izzy on a beach.

But the 27-year-old drummer, who has something special planned for Valentine’s day on Thursday, admitted he isn’t sure what he can do having already proposed and married his girl.
He joked: ‘I’m going to have baby’.

Offering advice to any young men hoping to impress on Thursday Harry said: ‘It’s not about big gestures, simple things. Just do something that means something. That’s something special’
Speaking about their favourite love songs the boys have quite a wide range of tastes.
Harry admitted that Take That’s lyric ‘A million love songs later, here I am trying to tell you how I feel’ was his favourite of all time.

Speaking about McFly’s own music he said: ‘All About You is the ultimate love song. It’s one of those songs that struck a chord with people.’
Aside from the romance, the boys are currently in the studio working on their sixth album and are set to tour later this year.
Sadly Danny Jones was unable to attend the interview after his grandad passed away.
He tweeted: ‘RIP Grandad O’Neil, my best friend, my hero and the best grandad in the world… I love you so much.’

McFly’s Memory Lane – The Greatest Hits is on sale now.




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